Because Kallipoli contributes to humanity in the best and most harmonious way. It satisfies all the needs of our fellow human beings in a lasting and sustainable way.

maslowMaslow Abraham Harold Maslow was an American psychologist who has been known for the hierarchy of needs theory. This theory claims that there are levels of needs on which our behavior depends. Needs are ranked hierarchically, from the most basic and coarse to the most civilized and subtle. The needs of human beings range from the need for survival, security, social acceptance needs, self-esteem needs, and culminating in self-realization needs (also known as Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs). Maslow’s theory has significantly influenced the world of personal development, business, and not only. There have been many versions of the pyramid. One of these is the following:


We create Kallipoli in a way that it will meet the needs of residents and visitors in the best and most harmonious way.

Clean Air: Kalipoli is located a short distance from a city center but at the same time its natural environment ensures clean air for residents and visitors.

Organic food: One of the primary goals of Kallipoli is autonomy and part of this autonomy is self-sufficiency in pure organic food through the farming and livestock activities it develops.

Pure water: The water we consume in Kallipoli is filtered and highly purified.

Residence: The design of residences is done in a way that respects the human being and the environment while it uses the latest technologies to minimize energy needs as well as the the energy footprint of Kallipoli.

Safety: The inhabitants of Kallipoli are experiencing safety due to their autonomy in energy and food and the creation of new jobs. The inhabitants of Kallipoli also experience ever higher levels of satety by choosing to experience their highest values, thus ensuring justice and brotherhood amongst them.

Harmony: Harmony is assured by a fair system of coordination of the community impregnated with Plato’s values as well as with the best practises of corresponding communities abroad.

Belonging: The inhabitants of Gallipoli experience high levels of belonging as they are part of a group of people who have chosen to experience the highest of their values.

Relationships: Relationships developed in Kallipoli either friendly or romantic have the best possible foundations such as respect, brotherhood and unbiased love.

Recognition: Kallipoli offers many opportunities for entrepreneurial and non-profit activities offering recognition to the main stakeholders.

Beauty: The beauty of Kallipoli is guaranteed both by the natural landscape, by its architecture, by the development of artistic actions and by the inner beauty of its inhabitants.

Contribution: Kallipoli is in itself a contribution to its residents, its visitors satisfying all their needs in the best and most harmonious way but also in the wider community offering new trainings, new models and practical, tested solutions to social issues.

Personal development: In Kallipoli trainings and a new model of living are offered to help people get in touch with themselves and with nature.

Supporting the evolution of others: Residents and guests of Gallipoli have access to trainings that allows them to become instructors themselves, and Kallipoli with its environment, supports everyone’s self-realization process.