We envision Kallipoli to uplift human consciousness just as Plato describes.

The Ideal State and its Citizens, according to Plato, are characterized by 4 virtues

Wisdom, Bravery, Prudence and Justice.

Plato in his book the Republic finds similarities between the parts of a state and the soul of man.

Every man has three parts in his Soul

A) The Desire (they are the basic instinctive needs of man). The Virtue that corresponds to the Desire is Omnipotent

B) The Thymoid (the various passions such as envy, hate, etc., desires, but of course the expression of Love). The virtue that corresponds to thymoidis is Bravery (because it is necessary to have some bravery to go after the passions of the Thymus part of the soul)

C) Notion (it is the upper part of the soul, ie the Notion, the Spirit). Virtue that corresponds to Accounting is of course Wisdom.

D) Justice, the 4th Virtue, Socrates tells us that it is the Harmony of the three different parts of the Soul, namely Desire, Thymoid and Notion.

Thus Justice can only be awarded by the one who has succeeded in harmonizing all three parts of his existence, a Wise One, an Excellent one.

Therefore, the highest conquest for Plato is the path to Knowing the Self.

And the just state is the one that all of its three parts manage to be harmonized.