Kallipoli is a community close to Athens that meets all the needs of its residents in the best, healthier and more harmonious way, such as:

Food / water: Kallipoli is autonomous in organic farming that has been produced in its fields with the most harmonious processes. The water consumed by the inhabitants of Kallipoli has passed through special filters and treatments.

Clean air: Kallipoli can be in close proximity to the center of Athens for its inhabitants not to have to redesign their work but at the same time also provides a natural environment with gardens, trees and clean air.

Shelter: The technical solutions that Kallipoli will adopt in regards to housing are environmentally friendly, while at the same time economic, functional and elegant.

Safety: Kallipoli is a protected environment not only because of its self-sufficiency (in energy and food) but also clearly bordered with controlled access.

Belonging: The inhabitants of Kallipoli feel that they belong to a special group of people who exemplify how a harmonious and prosperous life is possible through simplicity and collectivity.

Work: Kallipoli creates many new jobs not only through agricultural and livestock operations, but also encourages the development of new business activities by manufacturing and processing products, e-commerce, training, hostel, wellness center, restaurant, etc.

Beauty: Kallipoli through its natural beauty and gardens is a magnet for visitors from all over the world.

Solidarity and Meaning: The inhabitants of Kallipoli naturally create and live in way that is of contribution to others and continue to organize works such as the Well Being Festival, the Athens Spirit Film Festival, cooking for those in need and many other new actions.

Self-awareness: The inhabitants of Kallipoli through trainings and daily exercises cultivate an environment that thrives in presence and self-awareness.

Kallipoli also:

  • Acts as an accelerator of evolution especially for its inhabitants but also for its visitors and by extension for humanity.
  • Acts like a modern ark. It protects its inhabitants from external disasters.
  • Acts like a beacon of hope and light, proving that man can live a life of bliss, meaning, joy and health.

The basic features of Kallipoli

  • The Kallipoli revives Plato’s vision as well as many other teachers.
  • It is a collective effort that belongs to all of us.
  • Kallipoli houses 100+ people in 50 homes and offers a superior quality of life to its residents while satisfying all their needs, from the lowest to the highest (Clean food, clean water, clean air, shelter, safety, belonging, work, Beauty, solidarity, meaning, self-knowledge).
  • It’s in nature, near the center of Athens (up to 45 ‘), so people do not need to redesign their lives from scratch.
  • It is autonomous in food, water and energy. The cost of living is very low, thus giving freedom to work, create and develop.
  • All bright teachers who can support the intellectual development of its inhabitants are welcome.


Who does Kallipoli want to attract?

The success of the community is based on its people. People ideally have 3 key features:

1) Ability to communicate. They know to work in groups without creating friction. They are positive and do not judge. Thus, overcome all the obstacles that might appear united.

2) Contribution. Contribution is an important part of their life. Their first thought is not what I can get (I) but what can I offer (we). This creates an environment of solidarity and cooperation.

3) Consciousness and self-awareness. They are conscious that what they want behind all their wants is happiness and that there is a superior and lasting happiness, a bliss, through the satisfaction of the need for contribution and self-awareness. They recognize the influence of the environment on their development, hence the importance and the gift that it is such a district for them and their fellow human beings.


How do people work in Kallipoli?

1) They continue their work properly.

2) They work for the neighborhood or for companies related to the district (cosmetics, perfumes, juices, meals, agriculture, livestock, culinary, gardening, breeding and education of other animals etc).

3) Work for visitors to the neighborhood (Hostel, wellness center, restaurant, and school).)


The housing solution proposed by the Kallipoli district meets the following needs:

1) Low costs – Low cost helps neighborhood members to experience freedom in relation to their professional and other obligations.

2) Quality / Harmony – It serves the people’s need for beauty and harmony and the materials and quality ensure the depth of time and trouble-free use.

3) Easy, fast and economical licensing – By reducing licensing needs, the cost of housing, the risk of licensing issues and the cost of land that does not need to be subject to exceptional building conditions is considerably reduced.

4) Autonomy – Supports with its technology the autonomy and freedom of the residents with solutions that reduce the energy needs of the home and offer solutions for water and solar energy collection.

Συμμετοχή στην Καλλίπολη


Συμμετοχή στην Καλλίπολη