Kalipoli is in proximity to Athens, so that its inhabitants do not need to redesign their work.map1

Significant characteristics of the land:

  • Close to the center of Athens
  • Water availability (drilling)
  • Suitability of soil for cultivation
  • Large area of land

Some of the possible areas we are considering are:

In Rafina, in Sounio, in Saronida and elsewhere while

we remain open to the suggestions of people inside and outside the group.

In the meantime and while we are still looking for the right land around Athens, our organization rents space in Athens for our gatherings and our work and in Karpathos where we start our work and experimentation with slow but steady steps, highlighting the values ​​of Plato for the ideal state / community can work in practice with the right people. The site on Karpathos can be visited all year round after you make arrangements with us and the participants are either visitors to the site or volunteers of the non-profit organisation we created Center of Well Being Villa Joya AMKE.