Similar communities have been attempted with great results. We follow a model that has worked on many of the projects we’ve done. The secret of the success of the project are the basic elements of the creation of Kallipoli, which are the following:

Collectivity – We will co-create it with all the members of the group, institutions, institutions and businesses.

Location – Proximity to the center of Athens so that people do not need to change their work in a violent way.

Implementation – We do not start the slow and gradual implementation of this project. Instead we shape the vision, we inspire, we concentrate the different pieces of the project and we will implement them at the same time as they are interrelated.

Philosophy – We have an overall view of the project and a strong scientific and philosophical basis.

Experience – The team has experience in dealing with major collective and altruistic projects.

Capabilities – Team members have negotiated, signed and implemented projects of great value.

Knowledge – Team members have visited similar communities abroad and are in contact with groups there, accumulating general and practical experience. The project is also based on the components of already successful projects.