Kallipoli is an autonomous, prototype community in the proximity of Athens.

It revives Plato’s vision of the ideal state with the appropriate structures, technologies, architectures and practices so that all the needs of its residents and visitors are satisfied in the best and most harmonious way.

Kallipoli houses 100 adults with their children and the services offered to residents and visitors include a school, a doctor’s office, a restaurant and a seminar center.

What else is Kallipoli?

*Personal development accelerator.

Recognizing the influence of the environment on people’s psychology, Kallipoli creates a harmonious environment that contributes to the personal development of its inhabitants and visitors, offering a harmonious living, work and education environment.

*Safe embrace.

In a stand-alone environment, people experience security that is not shaken by exogenous social or economic factors.

*Lighthouse of Hope.

Kallipoli is a practical example that highlights the effectiveness of collectivity and simplicity as well as of contribution and education, and gives hope to people by offering alternatives to any dead ends they might experience.